Seanna Seafoods delivers wild and sustainable Alaskan seafood products, including salmon, from Alaska to wholesale markets in Europe and North America.

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Your business, our families
Seanna Seafoods represents a community of fishing families in Southeast Alaska—a region renown worldwide for its abundance of premium wild salmon. Harvesting Alaskan seafood at the peak of quality, our fleet delivers sustainable products to businesses in North America and Europe.

Premium wild seafood with sustainability in mind
Alaskan seafood is a delicacy, but your customers also know it's good for their health thanks to beneficial Omega-3 oils, essential nutrients, plenty of protein and low saturated fat content. To ensure highest quality flavor, color and texture, our products are harvested by hook and line, then immediately processed and frozen at sea. We are proud to offer only wild products that are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.


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Delivering sustainable Alaskan seafood products, including wild salmon, to North America and Europe
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